Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Piece" of Alderaan History [Sci-Fi Academy - Postcard and Pin]

"Sci-Fi Academy - "Piece" of Alderaan History"

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Disneyland® Resort



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Join us for an 'out of this world' pin release & signing as we celebrate the debut of these limited-edition Sci-Fi Academy themed Disney pins.

This pin features Darth Vader with a "piece" of the planet Alderaan. The home of Princess Leia, Alderaan was once a peaceful planet with no weapons. Tragically, Alderaan met its untimely demise in Star Wars™: Episode IV A New Hope when Grand Moff Tarkin decided to demonstrate the power of the Death Star by destroying the entire planet. This pin contains a representation of the planet Alderaan, not an actual piece.

This pin will be released at Little Green Men Store Command at Disneyland® Park in conjunction with the online wristband process. Registration will open on June 17. Click here to register.

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