Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Hidden Mickey Pins

Hidden Mickey Tee-Shirt Pins Coming to Disney Parks

This second “Wave” of 2011 Hidden Mickey Pins will be arriving in July. Here is a brief look at what you may find during the remainder of the year.

Hidden Mickey United Kingdom Pins Coming to Disney Parks

Why Courtney McBride chose to feature the United Kingdom?

“I love the United Kingdom,” exclaimed Courtney. “I’m a fan of British pop culture. When I visited the UK on holiday, I realized that many British icons represented in movies, television shows and artwork are part of the landscape. I think my favorite pin is the Rose and Crown Pub logo as it is one of my favorite places at Walt Disney World.”

Hidden Mickey Mouse Pins Coming to Disney Parks

A set of pins coming to the Disneyland Resort features the one and only Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s pose was taken from a Mickey Mouse Club card from the 1930s. His name is written in Italian, Norwegian, German, Swedish and English.

Hidden Mickey Princess Pins Coming to Disney Parks

Princesses in flowers: The set will be released in Florida.

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