Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walt Disney Originals - Plane Crazy"

"Walt Disney Originals Collection - Plane Crazy"

Release Date:

Walt Disney World® Resort



Edition Size:

The Walt Disney Originals Collection pays tribute to Walt Disney's pioneering achievements in great family entertainment. A new Limited Edition pin will be released each month throughout 2006.

This Limited Edition pin celebrates the animated short, "Plane Crazy." While "Steamboat Willie" was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon released with synchronized sound, it was not the first one made. "Plane Crazy" was first, but was the third one released after sound was added in 1928. This pin is hinged and features a pin-on-pin vintage Mickey Mouse on the cover. When opened, an image of Mickey and Minnie flying in an airplane and kissing. A photo of Walt Disney is also seen. Glenn Winters from Disney Design Group created the artwork for this pin.

This pin is #2 from a collection of 12 pins.

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